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This year marks the 50th anniversary of Vans shoes (March 16th 2016). To coincide with the anniversary I have decided to put together an old school fanzine.

The Vanzine is an A5 zine showcasing the rare and forgotten boxes from the made in USA era of Vans that fell between 1966 till the early 90’s. The beautifully illustrated boxes are often overlooked in the collectors world so this Vanzine helps show them in a new light. It includes the extremely rare House of Vans box from 1966 to some more commonly known boxes from recent history. Each page has a detailed description that was supplied by the king of vintage Vans @PillowHeat.



Special thanks to the Vans man himself Steve Van Doren for help with dates & specifics. Pillow Heat for supplying a majority of the boxes inside the Vanzine as well as writing all the copy. Dimitri Coste & R.A.Dawson for their contribution to the M*A*S*H entry, and Juergen Blumlein (Skateboard Museum) for the loan of the yellow Serio entry.

To purchase a copy click here

Or follow the project here @thevanzine