Legendary jewellery brand The Great Frog commissioned me to create a number of graphics to coincide with the opening of their latest store in Shoreditch, London. Graphics include a limited edition t-shirt design (available only in their East London store), a rug that will grace the floors of their LA, New York, and London stores, plus another t-shirt graphic that is part of their 2019 collection.

About TGF: Established in 1972, The Great Frog came out of Carnaby Street after the swinging 60s offering a rock ’n’ roll alternative to mainstream jewellery catering to the emerging subcultures of heavy metal, rock ‘n’ roll, rockers, punks and bikers. Some of their clients include Metallica, The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, Johnny Depp, Ringo Starr, and Michael Jordan.