Every so often I get approached to design something for a charity event or organisation whether it be big or small. This particular project was a small fund raising initiative set up by a local DJ and Breakdancing crew Hashtag Unity in Hackney, London.

The brief was to create a t-shirt graphic that would appeal to their young demographic using the slogan ‘Rent’s too damn high!’ to reflect the changing times of this once down and out part of East London. Upon receiving the brief I immediate said “Stakes Is High!” in reference to one of my favourite Hip Hop groups De La Soul, so the idea was to pay homage to their legendary album titled Stakes Is High.

Each t-shirt sale will see £5.00 donated to help support the Seva Kitchen who do an amazing job feeding the homeless that shelter in the Stratford Shopping Centre in East London, a place that the Hashtag Unity breaking crew would practice and support younger kids wanting to get involved in dancing.

To grab a tee and support a good cause click the link below and grab one while you can.

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Posted: 05.08.20