Pick up the May issue of IdN Magazine where you will be able to read an article about me in the ‘Pick of the month’ section.

“London is a spectacular city with a flourishing design scene and it attracts thousands of young people every year to try their luck there. One such designer is 23 year old Australian Nick Dart, who despite his relatively tender years has been activily involved in all things artistic since he was 13, having worked as a sign writer, published his own magazine, assisted Australian airbrush artist Darren Love and designed surfboard graphics for Quicksilver.

Within a short time of arriving in the British capital, Dart had made acquaintance of serveral senior designers, such as Richard Robinson and Traffic’s head designer Stuart Hardie, who have given him a lot of support and guidance. Dart wants to create simple yet interesting design-good examples of which are his logos and album art. His most recent project is designing all the promotional material for the group Chester French, led by N.E.R.D’s Pharrell Williams. The move to the ‘Big Smoke’ is already paying off!”